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Fernando Operé

Fernando Operé Santillana is a poet, critic and historian, settle in the state of Virginia, where he teaches as a professor in the Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese at the University of Virginia. He began his studies at the Complutense University of Madrid, although he followed most of his career at the Central University of Barcelona, ​​in the historic University Square. Later he moved to the United States where he completed his MA and Ph.D. studies in History.


He has published twenty books of poetry in publishing houses in Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and the USA. His poems have appeared in various poetic anthologies. He is also the author of nine books of history, and forty-eight academic articles. He is a frequent lecturer in forums and universities in Spain and in the two Americas, and a member of many professional associations. He has given multiple poetic recitals and performances all around, which completes his two facets as a poet and an actor.


In his years in Madrid and Barcelona he enrolled in theater workshops with José Monleón and Ricard Salvat. He participated in various underground theater groups in Madrid and Hospitalet de Llobregat. Since these years, he has maintained an assiduous theatrical activity, and directed 52 plays at the University of Virginia, and performed at universities in the United States.


He is Numerario member of ANLE (North American Academy of the Spanish Language), Vice-President of the Mempo Giardinelli Foundation, with which he has collaborated for the last 25 years. The Chaco-based FMG is dedicated to promoting reading and teaching and research in Reading Pedagogy. The Foundation also supports various cultural, educational and solidarity programs.


He is a great sports fan (mountain, bicycle, and soccer), and tireless traveler.


Fernando Operé Santillana
Born in Madrid, 13 October 1946


»Ph.D. in History (Latin American History)
January, 1985, University of Virginia, USA
»M.A. in History (Latin American History)
August, 1982, University of Virginia, USA
»Licenciado in Filosofía y Letras
June, 1974, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain
»Theater Courses: Forum Teatral, Madrid, 1968; Escuela Adriá Gual, Barcelona. 1974-75

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